Solar Kentucky rocks Lexington

Solar Kentucky Rocks LexingtonOur first event in Lexington was a big hit. We started the day with expert energy presentations and a solar home tour. In the evening we hosted a rock show to kick off the campaign.

UK Solar Car
The University of Kentucky Solar Car team

Lexington Solar Tour

Hosted with the Kentucky Solar Energy Society

Solar Energy Presentations

See speakers and topics

Solar Tour

Thanks to Solar Energy Solutions for sponsoring our solar tour bus.

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See the UK Solar Car and talk to the team

Otto Helmuth of Slo-Fi
Otto Helmuth of Slo-Fi

Solar Presentations – Speakers and Topics

Rachel Norton, MACED – Home Energy Efficiency

Rachel spoke on the importance of energy efficiency and steps homeowners can take to improve the efficiency of their homes. She will also discuss how homes are evaluated and programs available for homeowners to make EE improvements (How$mart, on-bill financing, etc.)

Alex Smith, Solar Energy Solutions – Solar 101

Alex covered the basics of how a solar energy system works, how to determine the size of system needed, and how the system is installed. Basically “Everything you ever wanted to know about residential solar but didn’t know who to ask.”

Andrew McDonald – Solar Financing and Incentives
Andy shared information on current incentives and financing available for residential solar installation.

Solar Kentucky Kickoff Show

Where: The Burl375 Thompson Rd, Lexington, KY 40508

  • Warren Byrom (solo set)
  • Western Movies
  • Slo-Fi
  • Frigidkitty